Fast moving consumer goods

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Nearly everyone in the world uses fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) every day.

Fast-moving consumer goods are products that sell quickly at relatively low cost. These goods are also called consumer packaged goods.

Because fast-moving consumer goods have such a high turnover rate, the market is not only very large, it is also very competitive. In order to succeed, companies need dynamic business tactics—flexible strategies that can change rapidly when confronted with new challenges and opportunities.

The logistics and distribution systems often require secondary and tertiary packaging to maximize efficiency. The unit pack or primary package is critical for product protection and shelf life, and also provides information and sales incentives to consumers.

This puts tremendous pressure on key decision-makers, who rely on their IT resources to make accurate business choices. Because of this pressure, the FMCG industry has been a driving evolutionary force in IT, demanding sophisticated tools that drastically improve efficiency in distribution, shelving, pricing, and merchandising.

Fast Moving Consumer Goods

What We offer ???

Order Management

Receiving, tracking, and fulfilling customer orders

Database Management

Allows a person to organize, store and retrieve data from a computer.

Customer Management

Managing the relationship between an organisation, its people and its customers over time.

Product Management

Organizational function that guides every step of a product’s lifecycle

POS Integration

A POS software package makes it possible to integrate with your online store.

Payment Gateway

Secure connection through which transactions are submitted to the banking network for authorization

How can Information Technology Contribute in FMCG Sector

Fast-Moving Consumer Goods [FMCG] are products that have to be sold quickly and at a low cost Our solutions involve adaptive planning, fast delivery, quick accommodation to change requests, and flexibility. techRIDGE brings simplicity to complex supply management solutions, from raw material acquisition to product delivery to the end user – from soup to nuts.

Fast moving consumer goods is the talk of the town. FMCG industry is the most wide spread industry of the world, that deals with the production, packaging, distribution and marketing of consumer goods like stationery, glassware, paper products, household products, plastic goods, food and dairy products including packaged food products, consumer electronics, hardware and sanitary products, and many more. Not to mention the consumers of FMCG is the population around the globe. With consumers inclining towards the technology day by day, it has become necessary for the FMCGs to adopt information technology to reach their targeted audience.