techRIDGE Healthcare Services


As medical facilities across the country continue to modernize, the need for robust and responsive healthcare IT support will only increase.

With Worldwide Services, your facility can find the affordable and efficient IT services you need.

Today’s medical facilities are built on the individual expertise of talented physicians, nurses and staff, but patients receive the best care when all these team members work together.

Some detailed records allow a patient’s medical providers to act as a team and make crucial healthcare decisions based on the totality of a patient’s
health record.

At its core, healthcare information technology is all about communication — communication between devices, between team members, between patients and their medical providers, between separate medical facilities. These communication channels are enabled by carefully-selected and installed hardware solutions, and maintained with prompt and effective repair services.

These components should be scalable and flexible so that your network can grow along with your facility.

managed IT services

N etwork solutions have helped healthcare providers of all sizes implement new technologies into their facilities. Network infrastructure provides the channels through which end users and devices communicate and coordinate.

Our healthcare IT support services provide the initial setup of vital networking equipment, plus responsive and effective service for incidental hardware repairs.

Between new regulations, changing patient expectations and transformative new technologies, healthcare — and the role of information technology in healthcare — is rapidly evolving.