Archival of Data


Advantage of Data Archival

With corporate governance and government regulations and email being regarded as a legal document plus the need to digitalize paper documents and the need to store documents be in any forms drawing files of autocad, jpeg files, Microsoft office documents, pdfs etc… for a long period has given the need for  archival solutions to be deployed.

Generally if there’s 1TB of data hardly 8 to 10% of the data is accessed all the time. Rest of the data remains dormant. Now this data occupies premium disk space on expensive HDD’s on a storage hardware or a server hardware..i.e,. they are generally stored on expensive SAS HDD in high performing RAID configurations. (RAID is nothing but combining multiple disks together to work like a single HDD that delivers faster performance and throughput and redundancy of data).

What archival solution does is – it captures the data from the expensive locations and moves them to inexpensive disk locations like a SATA HDD – so that data which is not frequented much occupies less expensive space.


Data Archival Explained

techRIDGE says if there is similar data between multiple users than a single copy is archived and the rest get pointers to the same data.

TECHRIDGE deals in EMC SOurceOne as the primary Archival solution for EMAIL I.e. Exchange Server, File Servers and Sharepoint server data.

What does sourceone do.

It creates a Xerox copy or an archival copy of the emails of any user mailbox dependingupomn the policies that has been set.

Now this archival copy cannot be tampered with at any instance.  You may modify the original email in your inbox – but then the archival copy is intact.. the modified copy will again be stored as a different version. This is an important feature requirement for legal hold or compliance reasons – wherein the original / authenticity of the electronic document has to be ensured.

Now once the mail is archived – after a certain date rage the original mail is deleted from the inbox and a pointer is given…

Imagine this actually brings down a 10GB pst file size to 2 GB with all the emails still intact.. and if you want to access very old emails you can access it if you are connected to the network from the archival server from the same outlook inbox page. No need to go onto some other location or server and login and access the data.

Archival of Data

Why You need archival solution

Archival  ensures that whatever communication goes outside the ofie or is received by the office is copied somewhere… so that even if an employee leaves the company and deletes all his mails – a copy of the same can still be retrieved if required.

For File Serevrs: many companies have huge amount of files stored in some file server….  Archival helps storing of the same with the same benefit as mentioned above for email…

Sharepoint also its more or less similar.

Add to the archival solution – of the archived data is Stored onto DATADOMAIN – then the amount of space required to store archived or historical data is very less…

DataDomain can be integrated with Sourceone Archival Solution.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,