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Introduction to Security Technologies

With the rapid growth in the Internet, cybersecurity has become a major concern to organizations throughout the world. The fact that the information and tools & technologies needed to penetrate the security of corporate organization networks are widely available has increased that security concern.

Today, the fundamental problem is that much of the security technology aims to keep the attacker out, and when that fails, the defences have failed. Every organization who uses internet needed security technologies to cover the three primary control types – preventive, detective, and corrective as well as provide auditing and reporting.

Technology we use

In order to protect organizations from cyber attacks, several technologies are available to fight against them.

Data Loss Prevention

technology concerned with validating if the data sent out from the organization is sensitive enough to hinder the business.

Intrusion Detection System

technology which monitors all the traffic that enters the organization to ensure that those are not malicious


The firewall works as the first layer of protection of any system or network.

Security Technologies Services

Why techRIDGE security technology is important?

Security Technologies, provides you with an outline of the most common technologies used in security. We all aware of the pace with which the internet is growing. For everything that we had to travel or to stay in long queues for longer, the Internet had made them easy for us, and now almost all of the things are available at our fingertips. In simple words, we can say that it is not easy to imagine a single day without the internet.

It is known to everyone that everything had two sides: pros and cons, and the same applies to the Internet as well. With the fast increase in Internet usage, the attacks happening in organizations have also been increased. For contemporary business or organizations, a new challenge has been evolved that protects their body from cyber attacks. Here we will be discussing the technologies that are available to protect the organizations from cyber attacks so that the flow of their operations remains smooth.